This fall we welcomed our first purebred litter of Colorado Mountain Dogs! 
These puppies are rolly polly balls of love. Each one of them will be an asset to their farm and family.

H2H Mingus x BSK Lily purebred litter

We are thrilled to announce Big Sky Acre's first purebred litter of Colorado Mountain Dogs out of our very own BSK Lily. 
Lily is a calm, stable presence here on our farm. She loves her job, loves her people, is an excellent mom, and does it all without getting overly excited. 
Mingus is a diligent guardian. There's no laziness in this boy! He makes frequent rounds, and at night can be found stationed by the ducks. He is an intelligent barker. If he's alerting, then there is something going on. 
Both dogs are excellent with goats, ducks, and kittens. 
These tiny future livestock guardians are well socialized by our 5 kids, family, and friends. 

Available Puppies

These pups are ready for their new homes!They have been vet checked and microchipped.

Pepper- Girl

Pepper has the cutest mustache! Although it is fading, she will keep some color around her eyes, muzzle, and ears. Pepper has a quiet, non-dominant personality. She's exceptionally sweet, great with little kids, kittens, ducks, and even chickens. She might be the last of our pups to find her perfect home, but she's definitely not least. Her calm, soothing demeanor will be missed.

These Puppies have found their homes.

These are the rest of the pups from this litter. They have all found beautiful homes and we are getting glowing reports from them.


Lucy is now loving and protecting a beautiful family in Arizona. She will be watching over kids, chickens, and two family dogs.


Aspen will be heading to Maine! Her family will be setting up a small acreage in a coastal town in Maine. She will be watching over two beautiful little ones, and eventually ducks!


Ben is learning to watch over a mini cow in Arizona. His new family is excited to start their small farm endeavor.


Betsy is also staying here in Arizona. She will be watching over a beautiful family on a small acreage with goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks. 


This little guy gets to spend his days with his new family learning all about horses, cows, and goats. 


We have retained Snow on our farm to watch her learn and grow. She is eager to please and very responsive to positive training methods. She greats our guests well, she is proving to be a selective barker, and is doing well with her chicken training too!


We have also retained Biscuit for the time being. Biscuit is quiet and unassuming and a favorite with our kids. He is also a selective barker and doing well with his training.

Meet the parents of this litter

BSK Lily X HWH Mingus


BSK Lily

BSK Lily was born and raised here. She is quiet, unassuming, and sweet. 
She has a beautiful sleek coat and thick black eyeliner.


HWH Mingus

Mingus is confident and friendly. He is a diligent guardian, and an intelligent barker.


Chino Valley, AZ


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