Colorado Mountain Dogs

Livestock guardian dogs for small acreage farming

The perfect farm and family guardian

When we first brought our goats home, we quickly realized we needed a protector for them. In spite of living on a small acreage in the middle of town we have had skunks, hawks, coyotes and mountain lions take livestock in our immediate neighborhood.  
Due to some unfortunate experiences with rescue dogs as well as pure bred dogs we knew we needed to do our research carefully. We learned the hard way that poorly bred dogs can bring unwanted stress, expense, and heartache. 
Being new to the livestock guardian dog breeds we joined LGD groups to learn all that we could. To our dismay we saw people posting with their own sad experiences with LGD's who showed aggression towards people and/or livestock. 
Enter the Colorado Mountain Dog.
Somewhere in our research we stumbled on the Colorado Mountain Dog. This beautiful guardian is a breed being developed for farms and families just like ours. The more we read the more excited we became. What we needed was a dog who would partner with us in protecting our space, our animals, and most importantly, our family. The Colorado Mountain Dog fit the bill perfectly. 
The breed founders have been using the science of genetics to breed desired traits forward and leave unwanted traits behind. The result is a people loving livestock guardian well suited for the small acreage urban farmers. 
After almost 20 years of development, the breed is currently at the G4 level with the first purebred litters coming in the next year.
It has been an incredible experience to watch science come to life in the form of these intelligent, affectionate dogs.


Available Colorado Mountain Dogs

We currently have a litter!!! 
And we sometimes have an adult CMD available.


What our puppies' families are saying about them.

“We love our little guy! He is not so little anymore but so loving. When we are ready for another we are definitely coming back to you guys. "

October 2022


BSK Stitch

Atlas X Kona

“The best part is his mind, though. Atreyu is trainable, impressively so. He's quiet. He is probably the most affectionate pup on the place, right up there with Oberon. He's a leaner, lol... burying his face into your hands and holding your arms with his paws. He definitely got the sweetness of Gunther. ❤"

September 2022


BSK Atreyu of CNK

Atlas X Kona

“We started to work with this Company 4 years ago. We had only positive experience and implemented a lot of projects together. We’re totally satisfied and now we know that we can rely on this Company experts any time. Now our clients receive their products faster so that they are more satisfied with our services. They deserve the highest grade!"

October 28, 2021

Jeff Gordons

CEO at Clear Thinking

Big Sky Acres Foundation Dogs

  • Service illustration photo

    CNK Atlas

    Atlas came to us in the spring of 2021 from Wendy Francisco at Crack O'Noon (CNK), the founder of the Colorado Mountain Dog project. Atlas is a G3 CMD. He is a big, confident guardian who loves to roam the perimeter keeping a watchful eye out for predators of any kind.

  • Service illustration photo

    PDP Kona

    Kona came to us from Tennessee in the spring of 2021 and is also a G3. She is easily the sweetest dog we've ever owned and anyone who meets her immediately agrees. She has the "essence" that is sought after in the Colorado Mountain Dog community. Kona has been an amazing mom and her pups are gorgeous.

What is a Colorado Mountain Dog?

"The Colorado Mountain Dog is a livestock guardian dog specifically bred for small acreage farming and eco-tourism. We are selecting for dogs which tend to wander and bark less, and which accept unknown humans easily and without suspicion or hostility. The CMD is a beautiful dog, taller and leaner than some LGD breeds, with a medium body coat, soft silky hair that doesn't mat, and long full manes and tails. They are generally white, but other colors are acceptable, such as brindle, tan with a dark muzzle, or badger markings. A well bred Colorado Mountain Dog is a great family companion, and will do small perimeters around you as you hike or do chores on your property. " To learn more visit the Colorado Mountain Dog Registry site:



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